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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson And Rest Of ‘Young Rock’ Cast Talk New NBC Series

The Rock is running for President, or at least Dwayne Johnson is running for President in the set up for the brand-new NBC series “Young Rock”. The series is certainly far from your ordinary run-of-the-mill sitcom, as it features a semi-autobiographical into the life of Dwayne Johnson and how he became “The Rock”. The series stars Dwayne Johnson, himself, and then three other actors portray Johnson and different stages throughout his life. Adrian Groulx plays Johnson as a kid living in Hawaii, Bradley Constant plays him as a teen in Pennsylvania who shoplifted and seemed destined to fall down the wrong path and Uli Latukefu showcases him as a University of Miami football player. Johnson bookends each episode with interviews that take place in the year 2032 with a journalist played by Randall Park as he reflects on these aspects of his life while on the campaign trail. The storylines featured in the series begin with time spent with his father, wrestler Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson, and his legendary wrestling buddies including Andre the Giant. The premiere episode showed us …

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