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Steve Dietz Changing Approach to Roofing Repair With Marathon Restorations

Steve Dietz, the storm restoration expert, starts a new endeavor

What sets Marathon Restorations apart from Delaware’s many small contractors and roofing specialists? Steve Dietz’s background in residential and commercial restorations helps him see beyond the repair itself. In addition to retail contract work, Steve has decades of experience in dealing with insurance companies, employing options many smaller companies are simply unaware of. This has saved those with insurance claims thousands of dollars, in addition to other benefits.

INTERVIEWER: First, why the move?

STEVE DIETZ: Satisfied with my accomplishments consulting for and growing a local storm restoration company, my time there had run its course.  Always aware that when the door of opportunity knocks and a chance to pivot presents itself, I had to listen. 

INTERVIEWER:  Who is Marathon?

STEVE: Marathon comes from a long lineage of real estate, business consulting, and utility-scale solar development companies I founded.  Born in 2004 as Marathon Property Solutions, I  expanded as Marathon Business Development Experts, Inc in 2010. In an effort to conserve our planet for the next generation, my offerings grew to include Marathon Solar Development in 2015. Because of the many races I have run in my life, five of which were Boston Marathons, the name ‘Marathon” has special meaning to me.  In 2022, Marathon Restorations not only adds to the pedigree of Marathon businesses, it continues on with a name that serves as a metaphor for my life.      

INTERVIEWER:  Are you a one-man show?

A: <Laughs> .Absolutely not.  I was approached by a team of experts in their respective fields of technology, marketing, construction, finance, and business consulting.  Marathon Restorations is a powerhouse of talent ready to stake its claim as the Mid Atlantic’s premier storm restoration and remodeling company.

INTERVIEWER: What are Marathon’s Goals for 2022 and beyond?

A: My desire and need to put those who work with me in the best possible position to succeed.  The Marathon team understands that the commitment to those installing our projects is how we honor and provide the highest level of service to our top clients.  A team of humble, smart, and committed individuals running in the same direction ensures our success.  From start to finish, Marathon Restorations has you covered.

INTERVIEWER: What drives you?

A: My burn to be an example to my kids, my staff, my clients and exact a positive impact on the local community.  Anyone can relate to failing. I have fallen many times in my life.  Winners get up when they fall down, press on when others don’t, and put one foot in front of the other to finish the race.

Marathon Restorations

Johnny McCartin: A Rising Delaware Tech Leader

Delaware Tech Leader: Johnny McCartin

Delaware is known for being a banking mecca, incorporation hub, and wait…  its tech industry? It’s true. Many Internet companies started in Delaware and were often bought out by larger named players. Delaware has one name that is satisfied with remaining in Delaware. That name is Johnny McCartin. Why lead with Johnny by name and not his company? Johnny owns three. XeRo Media, XeRo To Sixty, and EndUserValet. 


Why three companies?

The three companies are complementary.  It began with XeRo Media in web development projects. XeRo Media’s clients often needed software development, which is where XeRo To Sixty came about. The expansion of IT was yet another value-added service to customers with End User Valet. That is where our remote IT assistance provides as much value to a customer as if they were paying a full-time employee without the high costs of salaries and benefits.

Where did it all begin?

I’ve always been a systematic thinker, which is why I choose the engineering curriculum.  Combining that with my entrepreneurial nature is where XeRo Media began once I was introduced to the Internet. 

What was your introduction to Technology?

In my younger years, the technology we know today was in its infancy. I started with a 56k dial-up and that horrible AOL theme sound. I credit my family for fostering an environment immersed in the latest technologies which is where I was always tasked with setting things up and making them work, from wireless networks, and entertainment systems to CD burners.  I enjoyed it a lot and developed a deep understanding of the latest in technology.

Did you have a mentor?

I did.  John Ganotis took me under his wing. He helped me build my first website. 

Explain your journey into web development.

You could say my journey into web development began in college. That is where I met John. At that time John was doing some very interesting things. Specifically in the webspace.

At that time in college, John was creating niche websites that were tailored predominantly to coupon collector segments such as moms or females. He created a community-based website – It supplied the user base with coupons. He monetized it with affiliate marketing. 

Where is John now?

We’re still very close friends. He recently  created,  most famously, Pee & See, “The number 1 number 1 app!” (May 2022).

What was your first Internet business experience?

I’ve always liked building and creating value. John’s work intrigued me. I modeled building my own websites after his winning formula of monetizing community-based websites through affiliate marketing. It was super exciting. 

What was your passive income affiliate marketing site?

Mine was I built it on HostGator back around 2010. It was a passion project where I shared uplifting informational content on the different things you needed to achieve success. 

What came of that site?

I still have the domain but after moving from HostGator to the provider we use now at XeRo Media, I lost the content, but you can still find some of the content on the way back machine. I regret not preserving it, but I was beginning to provide web services at a greater margin of income.

Is this where XeRo Media started?

Yes. I realized what I could do for myself; I could do for others.  I decided to use my success and provide website development in Delaware and, of course, anywhere in the world, with a concentration of customers in New Jersey, Maryland, and the Greater Philadelphia area. 

How did XeRo To Sixty come about?

XeRo to Sixty came next as a natural extension of XeRo Media. While XeRo Media expanded our customer base, we started to get more requests for more intricate projects requiring software development.  

Diving into software development from websites is a big step!

True, but I felt if we could do this, we could certainly do that. We expanded the team a bit and started a custom software application division. When it came time to establish that division as its own entity, we emphasized our ability to execute while playing on our name and its unique spelling, XeRo to Sixty.   

How long did it take to launch XeRo to Sixty?

It was five or six years after XeRo Media started. 

What about EndUserValet?

Our third complementary service offering spawned from the thought that when I was setting up my family’s network infrastructure and caring for our home network, we could set up and maintain a customer’s network. It actually came first! I realized there really wasn’t much we couldn’t do to assist in IT support remotely except for having to go on-site and press a button to reboot something, which in most cases can be accomplished by personnel on-site. 

To provide IT support with immediacy at the fraction of the cost of what other businesses charge to send out a system administrator or have someone in-house on payroll was a real win for our clients.

How do XeRo Media, XeRo to Sixty, and EndUserValet complement each other?

Any one of our three businesses would answer the call for a specific service offering and end up supporting that client through another one of the divisions.


Your life is a product of modern technology. 

The technology component of life has changed everything starting with communication. The Internet was a breakthrough. Without the Internet, the communication we know, and love today couldn’t exist the way that it does.  

For example, products like decentralized technology and Web2 platforms like social media would be impossible with the Internet. 

That cuts both ways.


I see three important areas of life. One being personal. One being business. One being family. If you can keep them in harmony, you’re good. The Internet made my business possible, but for a time it upset my life balance and my family component in the triangle suffered. 

You’re in balance now. How so?

Sometimes you have to take a moment and do some self-reflection, more or less look yourself in the mirror and ask “how am I doing?”. …