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Netflix News and Streaming Lists For April 2022

The Crown Set Heist-$200,000 Worth of Props Taken 

Netflix’s period piece drama The Crown was recently a victim of a $200,000 set heist. On February 16th 2022, three trucks parked in Mexborough in Yorkshire were broken into and over 30 items were stolen including a replica of a 1897 Imperial Coronation Fabergé coach egg, Russian religious icons, and 22 sets of gold and silver candelabras. The props aren’t particularly valuable due to their usage only as props and many items are replicas but the theft of the amount of gold and silver is certainly a loss. 

Despite this disappointing news, The Crown will not postpone filming and are already seeking replacements for the stolen items. Police are investigating this crime while Netflix has released a plea to help retrieve the items as they are valuable to the UK filming industry. The studio has released a full list containing the items that were stolen to the Antique Trades Gazette in order to keep an eye out for these items. 


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Emme Oliver