Choice Remodels Announces Steve Dietz As New Partner/President

Mid Atlantic Region’s Number One Storm Restoration Company Names Steve Dietz As Partner/President

John Paoletti, Founder of Choice Remodeling and Restoration, Inc., the Mid Atlantic Region’s premier storm restoration company has announced that his partner Steve Dietz has been promoted to President.  Paoletti brought his storm restoration business to the state of Delaware back in 2007 the company’s overall growth continues to explode.

Paoletti is incredibly humbled by the success of Choice Remodeling and Restoration, Inc, as the company saw a 20% growth in 2020, a year where many of its key competitors struggled to stay afloat. Paoletti credits this growth to various digital strategies that both he and Dietz implemented as a way to both adapt and thrive during the struggle of last year’s economic environment.

The company’s rapid growth and popularity have even led to them opening a second office space located in Eagleville, PA this past fall. This is most certainly due to Choice’s expertise and confidence in handling commercial and residential storm restoration insurance claims.

Dietz, himself, is very proud of the work Choice has done over the past year. He says that at Choice, they train their team to “know what others don’t” and that is what truly separates them from the competition. Dietz also reveals that they are always in a state of learning, as the majority of the business model is based on insurance work. Many policyholders are naïve as to how to unlevel the playing field when it comes to filing a homeowner or commercial property claim. Choice uses innovation as a way to create smarter and more efficient ways to serve their top clients and they truly have a lot of fun doing it!

One of the main goals at Choice is to keep the insurance industry honest and Choice uses GAF Certified Master Elite roofing specialists and general contractors who are HAAG certified which is incredibly important to what is referred to in the industry as winning the ‘claim game’. Choice does not wish to see any of their clients being mistreated or frustrated by their insurance carriers.

With Dietz stepping into the role of company President, he plans to expand Choice’s footprint and their mission to save communities one home at a time. It is Dietz’s plan to expand the company’s growth even further by opening up additional offices in both Delaware and Pennsylvania hoping to exceed $12 million in the 2021 fiscal year. Dietz comments, “Our time is now. Choice is actively hiring another 25 Choice Project Consultants, hiring more crews to train in our Choice Five Star Installation Process, implementing Choice Quality Control measures, and is declaring 2021 the year that Choice provides world-class customer service to grateful top clients.”

Dietz is creating a successful and diverse corporate culture that makes Choice Remodeling and Restoration worthy of being one of Delaware’s Top 10 Best Places to work. This is a guiding principle of The Choice Way. Dietz is eager to earn the prestigious Reader’s Choice Award for ‘Best Storm Restoration Company” from Delaware Today and recognition from The Delaware Business Times.

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