New Poster Reveals Logo For Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’

Fans are overjoyed that director Matt Reeves has revealed the official logo for his upcoming reboot film “The Batman”. In addition to the official logo reveal, Reeves also shared an amazing Batman poster by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer, and fantastic artist, Jim Lee.

In additional DC-related news is was confirmed that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are reprising their respective roles as the caped crusader from different realities, in the planned superhero multiverse movie “The Flash” starring Ezra Miller.

Eagle-eyed fans will spot the fact that the bat on the film’s logo is designed to appear mechanical, much the same as the bat logo that is on Robert Pattinson’s bat suit costume. It is rumored that the mechanical bat emblem was supposedly created with pieces of the firearm that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, and fitted to become a shield over the heart of the character.

Jim Lee designed the gorgeous poster below of “The Batman” for the upcoming DC Fandome event. Reeves has promised that we will finally be seeing some footage from “The Batman” during the film’s DC Fandome panel, so definitely be sure to tune in! The panel for “The Batman” is slated to take place at 5:30pm PST. Hopefully, we will see some additional characters and gain some more insight into the film’s plotline.

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