Announcement From San Diego Comic Con Coming Shortly Regarding 2020 Convention

It looks like the answer regarding San Diego Comic Con 2020 will be coming soon as news has been posted revealing that the organizers of the massive pop culture convention are weighing out various “financial liabilities” if they decide to move forward with a cancellation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Things are not looking promising for this year’s SDCC to go on as scheduled as it would be nearly impossible for the organizers to find a way to maintain safe and effective social distancing protocols due to the sheer number of attendees which each year tops over 135,000. Anyone who has ever been to SDCC can certainly attest to the fact that you are literally shoulder to shoulder with other fans over the course of the five-day event, which even spills outside of the convention center and into San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District.

As devout fans of SDCC, it certainly breaks our heart to hear about a possible cancellation, however it should also be noted that sources go to say that the organizers are possibly looking into some sort of “online component” if there indeed should be a cancellation, but there is no official word yet on just how that would work.

According to San Diego Tourism Authority CEO Joe Terzi, “Based on our knowledge of the event, it will be very difficult for them to have the event in July. With other events, you could do things to keep people separate, but Comic-Con is a whole different animal, it’s a massive sea of people.”

The Tourism Authority asked more than 50 hotels part of the SDCC hotel block for assurances that “any cancellation fees or penalties for this year’s event be waived as we work through this challenging process.” A majority of hotels reportedly agreed to the request.

SDCC organizers realize that they are in “uncharted territory and they do not want to disappoint the people who have saved, planned and are looking forward to the show this summer but the primary concern, what is chief among all our concerns, is the health and safety of not only our attendees but the public as well …” according to SDCC’s Chief Communications and Strategy Officer David Glanzer.

As of now we will still have to wait for an official announcement, but at least we know that one will definitely be coming soon!

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Kristyn Clarke